Jack Grave Trigger Lust Words Review

A few days later, she accepts your invitation and you chat for a while catching up on good times and the thirty years that have gone by. You tell yourself there is nothing wrong with chatting with a long-lost friend, she has a boyfriend and she is getting married and you, even though your marriage is going through a tough moment, love your wife. You chat a couple more times talking about your jobs, the children, mutual friends, everything is completely innocent but inside the pressure is building and nobody when and where it will rise to the surface.

She lives in another country but visits her sister who lives in your city several times a year. The next time you meet online, you ask if you can call her and she immediately send her number. You dial and there she is, a voice from the past, your heart skips a couple of beats, you try to speak and nothing comes out of your mouth or your brain. Suddenly lights explode in your head and you realize that you have missed this woman for thirty years and all kinds of confusing feelings fill your heart. You close your eyes for a second and start talking like you had seen her yesterday, like you had held her in your arms two hours ago.

Months go by and you chat almost every day and talk once in a while. Nothing has changed, you are still married and she has postponed her wedding. There is no talk of love or sex or anything along those lines, just to souls reaching out for some comfort, for something long gone which seems to have resurfaced. It is easy to talk with her, you feel comfortable, you feel safe, you are indeed happy and wait anxiously for the time to meet and open your heart to her. Christmas comes along and she sends you a mobile number she will be using while in your city. She does not ask you to call or to meet, she just sends the number, and it is up to you to decide what will happen.

A few days before Christmas, you call and agree to meet at a nearby mall. A cup of coffee, a hug, checking her out in person, all kinds of things go through your mind as the seconds tick painfully away waiting for the scheduled time. You are sitting on a bench when you see her coming, she is beautiful, she is not a girl anymore, and she is all woman. You stand to meet her and without a word allow yourself to dive into the gentle sweet waters of her black eyes. In a second you go back in time to another place and age, your heart swells with old, comforting feelings and tears come to your eyes.

Instead of the coffee and chat both of you decide to go out to your car, silently, slowly you walk out to the parking lot and get it. Both of you start talking at the same time, nothing makes sense, you are both saying anything and everything that comes to mind. Suddenly you laugh and she says “I have been waiting for you to kiss me again for thirty years”. You take her face into your hands tenderly, look into her wonderful eyes again and kiss her on the lips gently, slowly, and perfectly. The world is right again, you feel you are where you are supposed to be. The burdens of life disappear before you, life is good, Trigger Lust Review

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